WNE Racing is a high-tech company specializing in the design, production and sales of car modification parts. Our products are popular with car enthusiasts all over the world. We originally produced car modified antennas. After 8 years of development, our products have expanded to all aspects of car modification systems. Our main product lines include air intake systems, cooling systems, engine systems, interior accessories, exterior accessories, wheels and tires, chassis systems, and more.

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  • Independent research and development, factory direct sales

    Independent research and development, factory direct sales

    Our independent research and development products support the ordering of samples. We have an ndependent and professional research and development department, which is sold directly by the manufacturer, with good quality and low price.
  • Demand customization, sample development

    Demand customization, sample development

    We can develop and produce products according to the patterns or samples provided by customers. We can also produce products according to the design drawings provided by customers.
  • Convenient transportation, arrive on time

    Convenient transportation, arrive on time

    The company's factory is close to the national highway. convenient transportation. We will also m arrange the transportation mode in advance according to the customer's delivery time to ensure that the goods are delivered to the warehouse designated by the customer on time.
  • Professional team, professional service

    Professional team, professional service

    Our company has a professional sales team to provide professional and comfortable services. Our expertise allows you to know the product information mat the first time.



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    Enclosure just adds a little personality to the appearance


    There is no difference between the front enclosure and the front shovel, but the name is different. The function of refitting the front surround and front shovel is not very good. It just adds a little personality to the appearance. ...

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    WNE specializes in your auto parts modification


    WNE Auto Refit Parts is a Chinese professional production and trading company integrating industry and trade, independent research and development, supporting customized samples, and JDM refit series products. As a company with good reputation, our company will provide c...

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    How to choose your safe and good-looking car floor mat.


    Why can an inconspicuous car mat standing on the ground become the most important thing for car owners before a new car goes on the road? I think many car owners don't understand this, but after buying the car, they still doubtfully replaced the car's floor m...

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